16 Feb 2021 10:28 PM


P&C marathon, Oxenford State School and Helensvale State School yesterday. Tonight UCSC.

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15 Feb 2021 9:09 AM

2021 Coomera State School

Congratulations to all the Coomera State School students leaders at today leadership ceremony. You are an inspiration to your fellow students and I know you will set a fine example for others to follow.

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27 Jan 2021 7:25 AM

Back to School

School is back! Please take extra care around schools zones today. There will be a lot of excited students who haven’t seen some of friends for months and they will have a lot to talk about. Road safety may not be on their mind. Plus give our crossing guards a wave, they all do a wonderful job keeping our kids safe.

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14 Nov 2020 8:55 PM

2020 School Graduations

Graduation Certificate signing tonight. The year has flown by, it only feels like a couple of months ago I was signing last years graduation certificates. Congratulations to all the graduating students from year 12 and year 6. I wish you all the very best and success in 2021.

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5 Nov 2020 2:02 PM

Question time at Gaven State School.

The senior students at Gaven had a line up of interesting questions for me today

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