The Queensland Government offers free state flags to community organisations such as schools, charities, sporting clubs and community service groups.


To request a flag please email my office at theodore@parliament.qld.gov.au providing the organisations name, address, contact person (and position), contact details and e-mail address.

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Coomera Colts Soccer Club18 Sep 2021 5:43 PMCoomera Colts Soccer ClubBig afternoon for the Coomera Colts Soccer Club with teams of excited soccer players receiving their end of session awards.More...Mark BoothmanMember for Theodorehttp://www.markboothman.com/
Our Local Small Business18 Sep 2021 10:46 AMOur Local Small BusinessHuge thank you to everyone who has supported our local small businesses this week! Every dollar spent locally is returned many time through sponsorships and employment.Mark BoothmanMember for Theodorehttp://www.markboothman.com/
R U O K Day9 Sep 2021 9:52 AMR U O K DayR U Ok Day. Personally I feel R U Ok day should be 365 days a year.

It is critically important to keep in contact with friends and family to see how they are, but most importantly make them feel they are valued.
More...Mark BoothmanMember for Theodorehttp://www.markboothman.com/