14 Dec 2018 1:27 PM

Highland Reserve State School

Works are proceeding quickly at the back of Highland Reserve State School (Highland Way) for the new school crossing. It will be great to see our new school crossing guard at this location for the start of the 2019 school year!

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6 Dec 2018 7:40 PM

Coomera State School Christmas Carols

Busy time for the Upper Coomera Lions Club cooking a feast of sausages on bread at the Coomera State School Christmas Carols! The Lions are enjoying the carols whilst we cook. ✌️ Big thank you to the Coomera State School P&C for all their efforts and a successful year.

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4 Dec 2018 7:50 PM

Upper Coomera State College Primary Awards 2018

Outstanding evening at the Upper Coomera State College primary awards. Executive Principal Mike O’Connor speech to the students hit the nail on the head, your success is a product of your hard work. Congratulations students!

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23 Nov 2018 5:39 PM

UCSC Reading Challenge Awards

Congratulations to all the UCSC students who participated in the reading challenge! I must say a few of the students didn’t expect to receive an award, their faces buzzed with joy. Well done all!

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7 Nov 2018 1:41 PM

Thank you Mister K

Whilst it is exciting for many students at Coomera Anglican College receiving awards, this is the final year for Mister K (Graeme Kirkpatrick) as head of Primary School. Mister K, you will be greatly missed! You are a shining example of everything good in education and you are a true gentleman. Thank you for your many years of service.

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