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Community Roadside 7/11/20197 Nov 2019 5:19 PMCommunity Roadside 7/11/2019Busy afternoon Community Roadside at Guanaba after a rather warm day of hitting the pavement, visiting parents at a school and Police Awards Ceremony.More...Mark BoothmanMember for Theodorehttp://www.markboothman.com/
Catching Up With My Old Lions Club6 Nov 2019 2:59 PMCatching Up With My Old Lions ClubGood to see my old Lions Club at Oxenford Bunnings working hard. These days I don’t get to see them offer since the electorate redistribution. But it good to see Ormeau Lions going strong.

Mick does a great job on the BBQ, very nice snags!
More...Mark BoothmanMember for Theodorehttp://www.markboothman.com/
Guanaba Rural Fire Brigade Training Night5 Nov 2019 8:23 PMGuanaba Rural Fire Brigade Training NightBusy night for our rural volunteers checking the equipment on vehicles, checking fire weather warning signsMore...Mark BoothmanMember for Theodorehttp://www.markboothman.com/