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John Muntz Bridge14 Feb 2020 10:04 AMJohn Muntz BridgeQuick check of the riverbank upstream from the John Muntz Bridge. The Coomera River has eaten into about 8 meters of bank. If the riverbank isn’t armoured, the river will continue to eat away at the riverbank as it makes its way to the John Muntz Bridge.More...Mark BoothmanMember for Theodorehttp://www.markboothman.com/
River Rising John Muntz Bridge13 Feb 2020 6:15 PMRiver Rising John Muntz BridgeThe Coomera River has continued to erode sections of the Oxenford Pony Club upstream from the John Muntz Bridge. The Pony Club has lost another 5 to 6 meters of land.
Last week I did a speech in State Parliament highlighting the riverbank will continue to erode if reinforcements aren’t carried out to protect the land upstream. The river will slowly reclaim the land as it makes it way to Tamborine Oxenford Road.
More...Mark BoothmanMember for Theodorehttp://www.markboothman.com/
Support Local Small Business9 Feb 2020 12:22 PMSupport Local Small BusinessThank you for supporting local small businesses this weekend!!! Every dollar we spend locally is returned many times by employing locals and small businesses sponsoring community and sporting groups.More...Mark BoothmanMember for Theodorehttp://www.markboothman.com/