Fire Warning Signs e-Petition

9 Nov 2023 2:11 PMMark Boothman Fire Warning Signs e-Petition

E-Petition FIRE DANGER RATING SIGNS These signs are a subtle reminder for residents and tourists about current fire conditions in the local area. They should never have been removed without suitable replacements being installed. E-Petition Reads

“Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House the need to reinstate the bushfire condition warning signs that were removed from the Gold Coast hinterland without warning.

Residents have vivid memories of the catastrophic 2019 bushfires that ravaged the Gold Coast hinterland.

These Fire Danger signs and their ratings let residents know how dangerous a fire would be if one broke out in the area on any given day.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to do all in its power to reinstate the Fire Danger Rating signs as soon as possible as a safety priority ahead of this year’s severe bushfire season predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology.”