29 Mar 2022 2:31 PM

Beechmont Road

For those who have friends and family in the area.

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26 Mar 2022 1:03 PM

Community Roadside Helensvale

Community Roadside Saturday at Helensvale near the Senior Citizens Centre Discovery Drive.

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24 Mar 2022 2:05 PM

Out In The Electorate

During my travels today visiting locals, I met Patty ( Irish wolfhound ). Apart from been super friendly, Patty is huge! He reminds me of a four legged Wookiee from Star Wars. In all seriousness, I wish my dog behaved like Patty.

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23 Mar 2022 5:07 PM

Community Roadside Guanaba

Community Roadside Wednesday at Cliff Bird Park Guanaba. Corner of Guanaba Creek Road and Maudsland Road.

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23 Mar 2022 1:09 PM

Upper Coomera State College

Thank you UCSC students and staff for a very interesting morning discussing legislation. Students were keen to legislate an additional public holiday and call it Henry Parks Day.

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