13 Jul 2017 6:12 PM

UCSC Hospitality Students Event

It has been an amazing night for the first Northern Gold Coast School Chaplains dinner at Upper Coomera State College! The venue, the students have been first class.

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12 Jul 2017 9:04 PM

Busy Night P&C and the UC Lions Club Meetings

First up, Pac Pines High School P&C meeting with Sid Cramp Member for Gaven. The Pac Pines P&C President Katrina Dunbar loves the role of P&C President so much, she is the P&C President at two local schools. After Pac Pines, it was a time for Upper Coomera Lions Club. I gotta say, what a cool Lions Club and wow, they are a enthusiast club. Always up for a new challenge!

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12 Jul 2017 4:58 PM

Community Roadside 12/7/2017

Time for a Community Roadside at Upper Coomera after a busy "cool" day door knocking. It will also be a busy night with multiple community groups to attend.

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12 Jul 2017 11:54 AM

Rotary Club Of Coomera Valley

A couple days ago, the Rotary of Coomera Valley celebrated a year of success at their annual changeover dinner. Congratulations to outgoing president Lorraine and best wishes to incoming president Clive Onley.

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11 Jul 2017 8:45 PM

P&C Meetings

First up tonight, Norfolk Village State School P&C. This school's community does some truly wonderful work under the guidance of the P&C and Principal Samantha Donovan. Next up Highland Reserve State School and again another proactive school community and equally proactive Principal in Stephen O’Brien.

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