11 Dec 2016 3:19 PM

Ormeau Rural Fire Brigade Christmas

The legends of the Ormeau Rural Fire Brigade are busy this afternoon, so no illegal burn offs, no open camp fires in the bush and any other silly stuff. This is their only day off! Merry Christmas Ormeau RFB! You all deserve a wonderful day off.

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29 Nov 2016 10:50 AM

Question On Notice

Today's Question On Notice. I refer to previous question on notice, 17th of June 2016 to former Minister for Police, concerning Coomera Valley Rural Fire Brigade and their desperate need for a larger facility to house necessary equipment, provide areas for training and adequate volunteer car parking.

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10 Oct 2016 12:25 PM

Fire Remembrance Service

Today we honour firefighters, no matter what colour uniform they wear or trucks they drive. The service at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church further highlighted the dangerous job they do. So every time you see a yellow volunteer fire truck with their blue and reds lights flashing, they are racing to a job, in the same fashion as their red truck counterparts. Pay them the same respect, they are volunteers saving lives and properties

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10 Jun 2016 3:35 PM

Boothman Weekly Wrap 10/6/2016

20 Rapid Action Patrol Officers join the Coomera Police Station, A local JP chalks up 25 years of service and the Northern Gold Coast Collegiate continues to grow in numbers and its Windaroo State School's under 8's Day

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26 May 2016 2:30 PM

Upper Coomera Rural Fire Brigade

Coomera Valley Rural Fire Brigade officers are demonstrating how fire traverses different types of terrain. The steeper the terrain, the quicker the fire moves. Having a fire evacuation plan could save your life and your family's in the event of a fire emergency.

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