Coomera Exit 54 interchange upgrade—Pacific Motorway

$74.7 million

Aerial photo: July 2016

Exit 54 aerial view: July 2016

Even before I was elected as the State Member for Albert in 2012 I knew the importance to local residents and the business community of upgrades to Exit 54. With a lot of hard work writing to Ministers, walking many many kilometres doing letterbox drops and doorknocking along with supporting local petitions the Exit 54 upgrade ball began rolling.

It was a great day when I was notified that all funding had been secured and the work had been put out to tender. I would like to thank all the residents who signed petitions, wrote to me and rang my office supporting the roads upgrade.

large projects like this only gain full momentum with community support and it was with this incredible support and determination that we got this project off the ground and completed.

For those interesed below is some information on the project.



Project info

The Coomera area currently has 1 interchange (Exit 54) connecting the Pacific Motorway (M1) to Days Road in the west and Foxwell Road in the east. The interchange provides residential access to the growing housing  estates and developments on both sides of the motorway, as well as access for motorists to major attractions such as Dreamworld (on the eastern side) and large private schools/colleges, commercial and industrial estates and various amenities such as the BP Service Centre (on the western side).

The upgrade includes:

  • a new bridge over the M1 north of the existing structure for eastbound traffic
  • upgrade of both existing roundabouts to signalised intersections with a focus on reducing the risk of queuing on the motorway ramps that potentially causes interference with the safe operation of the M1
  • northbound loop off-ramp providing eastbound connection to Foxwell Road
  • a modified approach to the intersection from Abraham Road
  • realignment of the southbound off ramp to intersect with the Old Pacific Highway (service road)
  • minor realignment of the Old Pacific Highway to intersect with Foxwell Road
  • provision for pedestrians and cyclists
  • street lighting amendments
  • realignment and provision for ramp metering signals on the northbound on ramp.

Coomera Interchange (Exit 54) time lapse video


Media gallery

Aerial photo: July 2016
Exit 54 aerial view: July 2016

Aerial photo: July 2016
Exit 54 aerial view: July 2016