Speeches By Mark Boothman MP, Member for Albert


2012 - 2017 Speeches


101. MOTION Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements. (Thursday 10 August 2017)

100. ADJOURNMENT Guanaba Rural Fire Brigade, Open Day; Upper Coomera State College. (Thursday 10 August 2017)


98. Police Powers and Responsibilities (Commonwealth Games) Amendment Bill 2017. (Thursday 25 May 2017)

97. ADJOURNMENT Tropical Cyclone Debbie. (Wednesday 24 May 2017)

96. Public Health (Infection Control) Amendment Bill 2017. (Thursday 11 May 2017)


94. Child Protection (Offender Reporting) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016. (Thursday 11 May 2017)

93. ADJOURNMENT Albert Electorate, School Infrastructure. (Tuesday 21 March 2017)

92. Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2016.  (Tuesday 21 March 2017)

91. Liquor and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2017. (Thursday 2 March 2017)

90. Serious and Organised Crime Legislation Amendment Bill. (Tuesday 29 November 2016)

89. Industrial Relations Bill. (Wednesday 30 November 2016)

88. Private Member's Statement.Trump, President-Elect of the United States; Albert Electorate, Construction Industry. (Thursday10 November 2016)

87.Education, Tourism, Innovation and Small Business Committee: Maintenance of Public Schools. (Thursday 10 November 2016)

86. Youth Justice and Other Legislation (Inclusion of 17-year-old Persons) Amendment Bill. (Thursday 3 November 2016)

85. Adjournment Gold Coast (M1 Motorway) (Wednesday 2 November 2016)

84. Gene Technology (Queensland) Bill 2016. (Thursday13 October 2016)

83. Grammar Schools Bill 2016. (Wednesday 12 October 2016)

82. Adjournment M1 (Tuesday 11 October 2016)

81. Adjournment Albert Electorate, Roads. (Thursday15 September 2016)

80. Child Protection (MANDATORY REPORTING—MASON'S LAW) Amendment Bill (Wednesday 14 September 2016)

79. Motion: Crime (Wednesday14 September 2016)

78. Education and other Legislation Amendment Bill. (Thursday 1st September2016)

77. Workers' Compensation and Rehabiltation (NATIONAL INJURY INSURANCE SCHEME) AMENDMENT BILL (Wednesday 31st August 2016)

76. Fire and Emergency Services (Domestic Smoke Alarms) AMENDMENT BILL; FIRE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES (SMOKE ALARMS) AMENDMENT BILL. (Wednesday 31st August 2016)

75. Adjournment. Cedar Creek State School; Pimpama State School; Ormeau Lions Fair (Tuesday 30th August 2016)

74. Counter-Terrorism and Other Legislation Amendment Bill. (Wednesday 17th August 2016)

73. Palaszczuk government’s second Appropriation Bill. Budget reply Speech. (Thursday 16th June 2016)

72. Electricity and Other Legislation Amendment Bill.  (Wednesday 15th June 2016)

71. Car Registration Disallowance Motion Transport (Fees) Amendment Regulation (No. 1) (Wednesday 15th June 2016)

70Education, Tourism, Innovation And Small Business Committee.

Committee’s report on its inquiry into smoking and tobacco use at Universities. (Thursday 12th May 2016)

69. Retail Shop Leases Amendment Bill. (Tuesday 10th May 2016)

68. Adjournment Beaudesert-Beenleigh Road. (Tuesday 15th March 2016)

67. Further Education and Training (Training Ombudsman) and Another Act Amendment Bill. (Wednesday 24th February 2016)

66. Adjournment Albert Electorate -Traffic Arrangements. (Wednesday 17th February 2016)

65Adjournment Coomera Springs State School. (Thursday 3rd December 2015)

64. Domestic and Family Violence Protection and Another Act Amendment Bill. (Wednesday 3rd December 2015)

63. Counter-Terrorism and Other Legislation Amendment Bill. (Wednesday 11th November 2015)

62. Adjourment-State Emergency Service. (Thursday 29th October 2015)

61. Jobs Queensland Bill. (Wednesday 28th October 2015)

60.  Criminal Law (Domestic Violence) Amendment Bill; Coroners (Domestic and Family Violence Death Review and Advisory Board) Amendment Bill. (Thursday 15th October 2015)

59. Adjournment. Exit 57. (Thursday 17th September 2015)

58Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill; Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation(ProtectingFirefighters). (Thursday 17th September 2015)

57.  Appropriation (Parliament) Bill; Appropriation Bill. (Wednesday 15th September 2015)

56. Appropriation (Parliament) Bill; Appropriation Bill. (Friday 24th July 2015)

55. Address in Reply. (Tuesday 27th May 2015)

54. Adjournment  ANZAC Day. (Tuesday 5th may 2015)

53Education and Innovation Committee: Report No. 42, Motion to Taken Note. (Wednesday 3rd December 2014)

52Education and Other Legislation Amendment Bill. (Wednesday 5th of November 2014)

51Adjournment  Rural Fire Brigade. (Wednesday 22nd of October 2014) 

50Water Legislation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Amendment Bill. (Wednesday 17th of September 2014)

49. Members' Statements. (Wednesday 17th of September 2014)

48Adjournment  Widaroo Valley State High School. (Tuesday 16th of September 2014)

47. Adjournment  Ormeau Fair. (Thursday 14th of August 2014)

46Appropriation (Parliament) Bill; Appropriation Bill. (Tuesday 12th of August 2014)

45Appropriation (Parliament) Bill; Appropriation Bill; Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill. (Friday 13th of June 2014)

44. Adjournment  (Raffin, Ms G; Anzac Day; Tamborine-Oxenford Road; Coomera Hope Island Cricket Club). (Friday 16th of May 2014)

43. TAFE Queensland (Dual Sector Entities) Amendment Bill; Further Education and Training Bill. (Friday 16th of May 2014)

42. Criminal Code and Another Act (Stock) Amendment Bill. (Tuesday 8th of April 2014)

41. Disability Services (Restrictive Practices) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill.  (Tuesday 11th of March 2014)

40. Private Member's Statements.  (Tuesday 18th of Februaruy 2014)

39. Education (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) Bill. (Tuesday 18th of February 2014)

38. Education (Strengthening Discipline in State Schools) Amendment Bill. (Thursday 7th of November 2014)

37. Education and Innovation Committee: Report, Motion to take note. (Thursday 24th of October 2013)

36Vocational Education, Training and Employment (Skills Queensland) and Another Act Amendment Bill. (Thursday 24th of October 2013)

35Private Members Statements. (Tuesday 17th of September 2013)

34Adjourment (Frederal Election, Albert Electorate, Schools). (Tuesday 17th of September 2013)

33Education and Care Services Bill. (Tuesday 17th of September 2013)

32Education Legislation Amendment Bill. (Tuesday 27th of August 2013)

31Adjourment. (Tuesday 27th of August 2013)

30Approriation Bills: Education and Innovation Committee. (Tuesday 13th of August 2013)

29Motion: Education, Better Schools Plan. (Tuesday 13th of August 2013)

28Appropriation (Parliament) Bill; Appropriation Bill; Revenue Amendment and Trade and Investment Queensland. (Thursday 13th of June 2013)

27. TAFE Queensland Bill. (Wednesday 29th of May 2013)

26. Adjournment. (Wednesday 8th of May 2013)

25. Criminal Proceeds Confiscation. (Wednesday 8th of May 2013)

24. Sale of Public Assests. (Monday 6th of May 2013)

23Tambourine - Oxenford Rd. (Tuesday 23th of April 2013)

22Commonwealth Games Arrangements. (Wednesday 27th of March 2012)

21Mining and Other Legislation. (Wednesday 26th of March 2013)

20Abritration Bill Speech. (Wednesday 14th of March 2013)

19Beenleigh Rotary Club. (Thursady 14th of March 2013)

18Waste Reduction and Recycling. (Thursady 14th of March 2013)

17State Emergency Service. (Wednesday 28th of November 2012)

16. Economic Development Bill. (Wednesday 28th of November 2012)

15Youth Justice (Boot Camp Orders) and Other Legislation. (Tuesday 27th of November 2012)

14Albert Electorate, Schools. (Tuesday 13th of November 2012)

13Sustainable Planning and Other Legislation Amendment Bill. (Tuesday 13th of November 2012)

12John Muntz Causeway. (Thursday 1st of November 2012)

11Appropriation (Parliament) Bill and Appropriation Bill: Education. (Wednesday 31st Of October 2012)

10. Assisi Catholic College Adjournment. (Thursday 23rd of August 2012)

9Appropriation (Parliament) Bill; Appropriation Bill (Fiscal Repair) (Thursday 13th of September 2012)

8Queensland Art Gallery Amendment Bill. (Wednesday 12th of September 2012)

 7. Assisi Catholic College(Thursday 23rd of August 2012)

6. Ormeau Fair Adjournment(Thursday 12th of July 2012)

5. Environmental Protection (Greentape Reduction) and Other Legislation Amendment. (Wednesday 11th of July 2012)

4.Vocational Education and Training (Commonwealth Powers) Bill. (Thursday 21st of June 2012)

3. Treasury (Cost of Living) and Other Legislation Amendment. (Tuesday 19th of June 2012)
2. Showcase Awards for Excellence in Schools. (Thursday 31th of May 2012)
1. Maiden Speech, Extract from Hasard. (Tuesday 29th of May 2012)

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Lions Clubs16 Oct 2017 7:39 PMLions ClubsOur hard working Ormeau Lions Club and Upper Coomera Lions Club members are meeting tonight to discuss a wide range of community projects. They are always busy.
Well done Marg on your award, you represent the best in our community!
Mark BoothmanMember for Alberthttp://www.markboothman.com/
More Police Please14 Oct 2017 9:50 PMMore Police PleaseThe Northern Gold Coast continues to grow rapidly, some parts at 20%. We need an additional 50 permanent general duties officers for the North to keep up with the growth. A request my colleagues and I asked the Minister for Police many times.
Yet, Labor only allocates 5 more officers for the entire coast!
Yellow Ribbon Day 201710 Oct 2017 9:36 PMYellow Ribbon Day 2017The electorate of Albert and the new electorate of Theodore is home to multiple rural fire brigades, the best brigades on the coast! Today is Yellow Ribbon Day, a day to say thank you to all our wonderful rural fire brigade volunteers!

Thank you Coomera Valley Rural Fire Brigade, Guanaba Rural Fire Brigade, Ormeau Rural Fire Brigade and CedarCreekWolffdeneRFB!
Mark BoothmanMember for Alberthttp://www.markboothman.com/